FAA Safety Team

The Helicopter Safety Alliance is proud to be an official partner of the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) in providing free safety education for pilots, maintainers, and managers of small helicopter operations.

FAASTeam and HSA Letter of Understanding

Here are some of the ways that the FAASTeam can help you improve your operational safety:

  • Visit FAASafety.gov. The FAASTeam’s website is a great source for safety and regulatory information. From accident data and maintenance alerts to seminars to lists of training providers, the FAASafety.gov has great information and support for you.
  • Participate in the WINGS or AMT programs, as appropriate. Studies show that folks who take part in continuing education programs lower their accident/incident rate by a factor of 10.
  • Attend FAASTeam safety events. Yes, this includes the HSA’s lineup of safety education days for the small helicopter community, but the FAASTeam holds many seminars and webinars for all segments of the general aviation community. Some you attend in person; others you take online.
  • Finally, get involved. A FAASTeam member is anyone who makes a conscious effort to promote aviation safety. If you are on board, then sign up at FAASafety.gov. Participate in continuing education and attend live events in your area. Get to know your local aviation community — the folks who deal with the same weather, FSDO, and other GA issues as you do.