Who Should Attend HSA Seminars?

Helicopter-Specific Regional Safety Seminars for Pilots, Managers, and Maintainers

Free – Convenient – Sponsored by the FAA – WINGS and AMT Credits Available

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The Helicopter Safety Alliance hosts Helicopter Safety Seminars that provide continuing education for managers, pilots, and maintainers of small operations. We believe that bringing these three disciplines together creates the right environment for learning about current trends in aviation safety and networking with our peers.

Regular participation in peer-to-peer education events like this is associated with a significant decrease in the likelihood of having an accident. Additionally, we believe that by managing the risks associated with helicopter operations, the threat of accidents can be further reduced.

There is no charge to attend, and the HSA Helicopter Safety Seminars are held in conjunction with your local FAASTeam. WINGS and AMT credits are available for attending.

A Helicopter Safety Stand-Down usually begins at 0730 with an hour of networking over coffee and danish. The general session starts at 0830 and include several speakers addressing attendees about ways to improve safety in small operations. Sample topics from past Seminars are below. The Seminar typically breaks up at 1600.

Sample Seminar Topics
Achieving safety in small operations – Your relationship with the FAA – SMS for small operations – Risk management – Airworthiness – Medical updates by AME – Human factors in aviation maintenance (the “Dirty Dozen”) – FDM in small operations – Accident review Regional/seasonal safety updates After the accident

We pack a lot into an HSA Safety Seminar, and we believe spending a day discussing current challenges in helicopter aviation with your peers will be worth it to you. In a recent survey, 100% of Stand-Down attendees responding said they would recommend attending an HSA Helicopter Safety Seminar to a colleague. We hope that, just like them, you too can take a day to work on the safety of your operation!

Check out our Events page to see our upcoming shows. Announcements for Helicopter Safety Seminars are made through the FAA’s SPANS system; for pilots and maintainers, if you are registered for either WINGS or AMT credits, you will be notified of Seminars in your area. See you there!

John Gibson
Helicopter Safety Alliance

PS: Email me at HelicopterSafetyAlliance @gmail.com with any questions or feedback on how we’re doing. Thanks!