Exhibit Contract

This document is a contract between Helicopter Safety Alliance (HSA) and a person or company (EXHIBITOR) who wishes to arrange for exhibit space at an HSA Helicopter Safety Stand-Down (EVENT).

By registering to exhibit at the Event through the HSA website and submitting a USD $1,000 exhibit fee, the Exhibitor acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the HSA Terms and Conditions, payment, refund, and cancellation policies, and the provisions of this exhibit contract and agrees to abide by them.

Exhibiting at an HSA Event

HSA will provide an area for table-top displays at HSA Events. HSA will work with venues to find the space in close proximity to classrooms for exhibits. All food service and breaks for the conference will be held in the exhibit area.

HSA will establish the move-in and move-out times with the venue provider and communicate them to exhibitors.

Exhibits are limited to displays that will fit on a 6-foot tabletop unless other arrangements have been made with HSA. Height of display will not exceed 7 feet from the floor. Larger displays will be accommodated whenever possible. Contact HSA for coordination and terms.

HSA will try to provide electricity for those who need it. This will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis and depends upon availability at the venue.

Seminars generally begin with registration and morning coffee break from 0730 until 0830. In addition, there will be a half-hour morning break, a one-hour lunch break, and a half-hour afternoon break. A closing session in the exhibit area will include any raffle items provided by the exhibitors and a “thank-you to the exhibitors that made this show possible.”


By submitting an Application for Space to exhibit at an HAS event, exhibitors agree to the following:

The exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless HSA, its officers, agents, any participating government agencies, and insurers from any loss, injury, or claim whatsoever.

Exhibitors are advised that HSA will not be responsible for any costs, expenses, or attorneys’ fees for any claim resulting from the exhibit of their products or aircraft at the safety seminar.

Exhibitor acknowledges that HSA does not maintain any insurance coverage for loss or damage to the property of the exhibitor. By completing this contract, exhibitors agree to provide their own commercial insurance to cover any losses and/or claims related to exhibiting at HSA safety seminars.